We are specialised in selecting the welding procedures that are best adapted to the applications specific to our customers’ field of activity. Thus, we only use improved welding versions – MIG/MAG welding and TIG/WIG welding – in order to cover various fields, from the car manufacturing industry, large machinery and working tools, car workshops, workshops for making and repairing bicycles, to fields such as naval shipyards and applications used for the welding of gas pipelines.

Welding is done using state-of-the-art FIMMER equipment.
MIG/MAG welding uses the 500 A KRONOS 500 inverter, which can perform high-quality welding, with solid wires, without splashing, for flat sheets ranging from 0.5 mm to larger thicknesses.

The MIG/MAG process is used mainly for stainless steel and carbon steel.
TIG/WIG welding uses the TT 305 AC/DC liquid-cooled inverter.
The TIG/WIG process is used for aluminium and stainless steel materials.

Frequent applications for the two types of welding that we offer – MIG/MAG welding and TIG/WIG welding

The MIG/MAG welding services are provided by our specialists using the 500 A KRONOS 500 inverters. This process provides exceptional-quality welding, with solid wires, without splashing, for flat sheets ranging from 0.5 mm to larger thicknesses. We recommend this process for stainless steel and carbon steel applications.

The advantages of the MIG/MAG welding process:

The TIG/WIG process

The TIG/WIG process is considered by specialists in the field as appropriate for applications that require finesse welding, such as seals for decorative metallic objects, repairs, when the final result of the processed confections is intended to be particularly delicate. In addition, TIG welding is suitable for welding frames and exhausts specific to the car industry, metal parts of reduced thickness.

MIG/MAG welding and TIG/WIG welding using state-of-the-art professional equipment - the FIMER brand
Fimer is one of the first companies in the world to have applied state-of-the-art technologies to the welding process.

Active in the field of manufacturing of welding equipment, energy stations, carpentry, inverters and air conditioning systems, Fimer guarantees, through its more than 70 years of experience, reliability and performance with each equipment distributed.
The MIG/MAG welding equipment, as well as the TIG/WIG welding equipment are widely appreciated by the companies operating in the field for the high quality offered during operation, for the excellent functioning, for the unique features of openness to progress in the field and unlimited working possibilities.

Laser RMC – Specialised teams trained in the MIG/MAG and TIG/WIG welding processes
The high-quality equipment makes the difference in the context of a professional use. Our teams of operators distinguish themselves from other companies through their constant trainings, aimed at updating the working methods and at manufacturing the highest-quality finished products. Laser RMC welders are very competent and have the necessary know-how to perform these two types of welding.

Contact one of our company’s representatives for additional details and information about the services that best suit your applications.

Offer request

Whatever the service that you need – cutting, bending or welding –, these are available in the standard work version, as established by the work team, but each offer can be customized, according to the requirements and projects envisaged by the companies with which we work.

Cutting formats:
4,000 X 2,000 mm
3,000 X 1,500 mm

Thickness of the materials cut:
10 mm for BRASS and COPPER
Cutting precision: +/- 0.2 mm
For diameters ranging from a minimum of 20 mm up to a maximum of 210 mm
Thickness of the materials cut: 12mm for STEEL
Bending force: 135 tF
Bending length : 3,050 mm
Distance between columns: 2,600 mm

Bending force: 230 tF
Bending length : 4,000 mm
Distance between columns: 3,700 mm