Pipe laser cutting

RMC laser cutting provides pipe cutting services for a wide range of products, in a variety of sizes and shapes, made of STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL and ALUMINIUM.

Professional equipment, specialised support and pipe laser cutting services provided at the highest quality standards.

The execution of the parts through pipe laser cutting is done under specific conditions, with powerful laser equipment, which gives precision and rigor to the cutting of pipes of different thicknesses and in complex contours.

Professional equipment, specialised support and pipe laser cutting services provided at the highest quality standards.

In order to deliver the projects proposed by our partners - companies in different fields - we carefully select the working materials and tools. Thus, for cutting services, we use TRUMPF equipment, which is one of the top companies in the field of metal processing by using this technique.

Our work teams undergo constant trainings in order to update the processing methods, so that the results are always those envisaged by our customers.

The optimum working specifications for pipe laser cutting

Laser-Rmc specialists use the laser technology to cut pipes with diameters ranging from a minimum of 20 mm up to 210 mm, for maximum thicknesses of:

Pipe laser cutting

Innovative TRUMPF equipment equals high-performance pipe laser cutting services offered.
The equipment used belongs to the TRUMPF brand and has a compact, extremely stable design, which puts it in the category of the most stable cutting equipment.

The main advantages offered by the performance of the TRUMPF cutting machines:

Profitability: the quality-price ratio is doubled by the speed at which projects can be started, the orders placed being delivered without delay. Fields of applicability: we provide product processing for companies in the most varied fields of activity, such as: automotive industry, automatics, electronics and electrotechnics, metal construction industry, companies specialized in interior design, street decorations, metal constructions, military industry, advertising and marketing, etc.

The full range of pipe laser cutting services - 3D cutting The series of pipe and flat sheet laser cutting machines that we use allow the optimization of the working process, an increase in the execution possibilities and in the variety of materials processed.

The RMC pipe laser cutting consultants are at your disposal to process the orders placed, to inform you about the working process and the actual turnaround time, as well as about other details regarding the overall costs and the estimated date of delivery.

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Whatever the service that you need - cutting, bending or welding –, these are available in the standard work version, as established by the work team, but each offer can be customized, according to the requirements and projects envisaged by the companies with which we work.

Cutting formats:
4,000 X 2,000 mm
3,000 X 1,500 mm

Thickness of the materials cut:
10 mm for BRASS and COPPER
Cutting precision: +/- 0.2 mm
For diameters ranging from a minimum of 20 mm up to a maximum of 210 mm
Thickness of the materials cut: 12mm for STEEL
Bending force: 135 tF
Bending length : 3,050 mm
Distance between columns: 2,600 mm

Bending force: 230 tF
Bending length : 4,000 mm
Distance between columns: 3,700 mm