Additional services

In addition to the 2D and 3D cutting, welding and ABKANT bending services, our company also provides a series of additional services to our customers, in order to facilitate the working process and the fast delivery of the pieces ordered.

Flat sheet supply for laser cutting and ABKANT bending orders

Once the work project established, the company’s consultant will also provide you with the option to order the necessary flat sheets. Therefore, the Commercial Department of Laser RMC takes up the order and ensures the supply of high-quality materials at fair prices and within the deadlines established between the two parties.

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Throughout this entire process, the engineers recommend the most appropriate cutting method for the best results. In order to execute this technological process, we need the sketches in ".dwg" or ".dxf" format. If the customers do not have the resources to do this, RMC engineers can draw the sketches provided that they are presented in simple outlines, but dimensioned and executed correctly.

For an effective cooperation, the customers should keep in mind that the engineers of RMC’s Technical Department will not provide design services.
Additional services for which you can opt - delivery of parts at the address specified by the customer

Delivery of parts at the address specified by the customer.

Additional services for which you can opt - delivery of parts at the address specified by the customer
Upon the customer’s request, the products ordered can be delivered at the address that you will indicate, using our own transport equipment or that of our partners.

Promptness and quality of the services provided – Essential requirements for an efficient cooperation

We always deliver the projects contracted, considering the indications, preferences and requirements of our customers. This is why we are organised and we wish to fulfil our work tasks at high performance standards, and, for this to be possible, we need effective communication and cooperation with the customers requesting our services.
For a professional data processing, in order to draw an offer profitable to all the parties involved, as well as for the fast execution of the products, the customers should also send, together with the request for services, the execution sketches in ".dwg" or ".dxf" format, at a scale of 1: 1, in mm, without dimensions or, eventually, only with the control dimension.

If you decide to pick up your order from our office, as well as in the case of all requests to deliver the products to the beneficiaries’ address, the person designated to receive the goods must mandatorily present a DELEGATION TO RECEIVE THE GOODS, filled in correctly.

The Customer Support Department - an essential component in the optimum product manufacturing process. We are there for you in the projects that you plan to start, even when these are at the stage of simple ideas. Our consultants coordinate and advise you on the most appropriate working methods so that the final product be the one that your company needs.

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Whatever the service that you need - cutting, bending or welding –, these are available in the standard work version, as established by the work team, but each offer can be customized, according to the requirements and projects envisaged by the companies with which we work.

Cutting formats:
4,000 X 2,000 mm
3,000 X 1,500 mm

Thickness of the materials cut:
10 mm for BRASS and COPPER
Cutting precision: +/- 0.2 mm
For diameters ranging from a minimum of 20 mm up to a maximum of 210 mm
Thickness of the materials cut: 12mm for STEEL
Bending force: 135 tF
Bending length : 3,050 mm
Distance between columns: 2,600 mm

Bending force: 230 tF
Bending length : 4,000 mm
Distance between columns: 3,700 mm